MRV System Setup

National climate MRV framework comprises of three levels: official, institutional and procedural set-up, which are crucial in meeting the UNFCCC reporting requirements. The key information requested to be reported in National Communications (NCs) and Biannual Update Reports (BURs) is:

  • National Circumstanc
  • GHG Inventory
  • Mitigation actions and their effects
  • Support needed and received
  • Other information

Therefore the purpose of the MRV System is to monitor report and verify,

  • GHG Emissions,
  • Mitigation Actions and Policies, and their effects, as well as
  • Support received (financial, technical, capacity building) and their effects.

Based on international best practice examples, it is strongly recommended that:

  • Data collection procedures, information flow and related, roles and responsibilities are formalized through, a memorandum of understanding, or any other formal or legal agreement. The purpose of such Official Set-Up is to clarify the roles and responsibilities between the coordinating entity and other relevant stakeholders involved in the process of and the preparation of the NCs and BURs.
  • The institutions involved are mapped out and the institutional framework and related roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Institutional Set-Up encompasses of coordinating entity, (which coordinates the activities and complies the final report), interministerial committee, sectoral working groups, and sectoral inventory compliers.
  • Data collection, reporting, related quality control and assurance and archiving procedures are clearly defined and standardized. The Procedural Set-Up encompasses of standardized reporting templates and protocols, ideally all managed by the coordinating entity under a web-based platform which can be accessed by data provides and sectoral inventory compliers.

MRV system setup Training materials

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