18 January 2018, at 12:00 GMT(duration: 90 minutes)

(available languages: English, French, Portuguese, Arabic)

Online, open to public

What is a good climate MRV system in the African context? Success stories from Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria

The webinar will present three case studies from Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria on their Enhanced Institutional Climate Change MRV System and highlights of sub-sectoral MRV implementation in cement, electricity and waste sector. The webinar will identify challenges faced and best practices in implementing domestic MRV systems.

Download materials from the webinar:


Egypt sub sectoral MRV

Ethiopia sub sectoral MRV

Nigeria sub sectoral MRV

Algeria sub sectoral MRV

Video webinar

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Webinar in English (Youtube)

Webinar in French (Youtube)

Webinar in Arabic (Youtube)

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